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I started drawing in . . . May 2011 I think, the month I got my first graphic tablet (A Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition).
I drew my first digital pictures (they looked terrible xD) in Corel Painter Essentials 4 (I got it together with my graphic tablet, it was a gift) and learned how to work with it. Since Christmas 2011, I use Photoshop Elements 10.
Well, now I really love digital drawing :3 Of course I need much more practice - I'm trying to improve my skills almost every day.


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started 08/08/12
I felt like featuring a few of my favourite artworks here on DA :heart:

Guilty by yuumeiGlobal Warming by F-AYN-TFisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumeiAbandoned by DestinyBlueFearless by IsacGoulartUntitled by shilinFlight by larafairieLose Yourself in Me by DestinyBlueI Want To Be Happy Again... by MikeinelProject WE: Canon in D Major by yuumeiOpen up the Sky by yuumeiSecret. 3223 by DeviantArtSecretNature of Zen Key Necklace by KeypersCoveHugs by BalakovRumination by yuumeicry, cry by hissyfitsdepth of heart by Serend1pity CaitlynIt's the little things I know about Caitlyn Cameron.
She never tells anyone the big things.
Once, Caitlyn Cameron broke in front of me.
She leaned against the dirty bathroom stall
And clutched herself, like it was all that held her
"My sister cut herself last night."
And the one time Caitlyn Cameron trusted someone
Enough to see her break
That someone could not help her.
Sometimes when it rains,
Caitlyn Cameron will stand out in the water
And ask God why she wasn't good enough.
She says it feels good to blame someone for her cut-off angel wings.
She can still feel them desperately trying to take her some place better.
Her life is a variety of colors on a pallet.
She makes duct tape dresses for fun
And skips down the hallways when she's bored.
She sings Disney at the top of her lungs and makes memories
More often than she makes scars.
Caitlyn Cameron stands in front of the mirror too long
And says goodbye too often.
Her room is covered with black hoodies and pentagram n
Introductions"Hi, I'm-"
"I know who you are."
"You do?"
"You're the guy who thinks he's invisible."
"I have a name-"
"It isn't important. Because you really don't think it's important."
"All right. Since we've started out this way, let me just tell you, I know you too."
"You're the girl who is broken."
"I am not broken."
"You're the girl whose eyes close every night and open the next morning, only to find you have never slept at all."
"I sleep well. Besides-"
"You're the girl who dreams of a happy ending even though she has seen, eighteen unhappy ones in her eighteen years."
"Happy endings are over rated. And you're-"
"You're the girl who wants something bigger, something stronger, just so the weakness in her body becomes something so much more."
"You don't understand weakness the way-"
"You're the girl whose heart broke when she was so young, and she fixed it back together with superglue, but cannot ignore the cracks."
"Superglue makes for a good companion, especially when-"
right quote by PandosRulzAliens by MySweetQueenPrisoner of my own by shimoda7take a smile. by Shutter-ShooterRise by yuumeiFeel Alive by yuumeiCarciphona - Duel by shilinStaring At My Dream by oO-Rein-Oomagic lights. by AltingfestBroken Window to the Soul by DestinyBlueFree to Be II by IsacGoulartLife by AdonisWerther:thumb319121510:Pirate Ship Book Alteration by wetcanvasIlluminated Jellyfish by weaverglenni'll be there. by Shutter-ShooterSleep Song by Dark134

Others will follow~

You can also find all of them in this folder:…

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